Get Ducked!

New and Improved!
Now with more parentheses!

Why duck_puddle? Well, because those are my two favorite words in the English language. They just happen to go together quite nicely as a pair. :oD

I'm a Graphic Designer for an ad agency that is located one block from the beach! I'm happily married and even more happily childless, unless you count the dog and cat.

If you live in my neck of the woods, I drive the Duckmobile. You may have seen it.

I'm an avid collector of things n' stuff including, but not limited to, Blue's Clues toys, Gum Parkers, Chevron Cars, pop-up books and knit finger puppets.

This is about half of my knit finger puppet collection.

• Although I have taken a keen interest in clothes and accessories in the last few years (after going through a total slob phase in my 20s, and an '80s art-punk phase in my teens), I am not a girly-girl.
• I use far too many emoticons, exclamation marks and general happy hoo-ha because I'm afraid if I don't make my meaning painfully obvious, people will think I'm being droll or rude. My humor tends to run on the sarcastic side.
• I don't post all that often.
• When I do post, it's rarely cerebral. I can be easily engaged in intelligent conversation, but I don't make a habit of trying to be "smart" in my journal entries. I tend to post about everyday life and that rarely makes for intelligent blog fodder.
• I'm a sucker for all things unbearably cute. My house looks like a five-year-old lives here, which is exactly why children are not allowed in my house. And also because I can't stand rudeness and screaming.
• I love a good rant, both reading and writing them.
• I am NOT a delicate fu*king flower. Do not apologize to me for cursing like a sailor or telling a dirty joke. I find your leaving me out/singling me out because I don't have a penis infinitely more offensive.
• I find fantasy stuff infinitely boring, therefore I don't comment on fantasy writing/art/movies/cons/whathaveyou entries. But I'm sure my fantasy-loving friends find some aspect of my own personality infinitely boring as well *coughcoughshoppingcough*
• My one super-girly trait is that I love to shop/find good deals. This does not mean that I'm shallow, materialistic or lacking in intelligence.
• I have no tolerance for emotional immaturity. Playful childishness = awesome. True immaturity = sucktastic.
• I am a terrible friend. I'm always available for emotional support, but I'm bad about making phone calls (or even answering the phone), putting things in the mail, or leaving the house for a social event. I'm a hermit (See card below). Consider yourself informed.
• Shopaholic
• Non-theist
• Libertarian
• Free-thinker
• Writer of sorts
• Photographer of sorts
• Artist (but not annoyingly so)
• Pet lover (No, not like THAT)
• Abuser of parentheses (see?)
• Lazy-ass slob who can fake "put together" very well when necessary
• Constantly torn between the correct usage of punctuation with quotation marks as opposed to the senseless usage adhered to here in the U.S. I normally reword sentences in order to avoid the issue altogether.

On Friending and Commenting
• I keep my friends list lean on purpose because I value quality over quantity. I consider my LJ friendships to be just as real as my "real life" friends (don't get to excited. I treat my RL friends like crap, too) but it's hard to be attentive when my flist is cluttered with people I don't really have a chance to get to know because I don't have time to read them all. However, with this said, I really enjoy "meeting" new people with whom I have common interests and outlook so if you think we're a good friend-match, feel free to add me and I'll most likely add you back.
UPDATE: since becoming gainfully employed as of March 2007, my presence on LJ can be a bit sporadic, depending on the amount of work I have on my desk.
• Don't be shy about commenting in my journal just because I don't "know" you. I like random comments.
• If your overall tendency is to not respond to comments made to you in your journal, I will most likely stop commenting altogether. Just know this about me and friend (or de-friend) accordingly.
• If you want to de-friend me, it's ok. I'd rather have people here who actually want to be here as opposed to folks who stay out of fear or obligation. No harm no foul.

Feel free to steal this if you want.

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